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Ariane    09 Ekim 2015 03:28
Personally, I'd use them like I use student atiastsnss: errands, getting stuff organized, creating displays, maybe sitting in the hall with kids trying to get caught up or with kids who do better reading aloud. Unless the parent was experienced with school settings, I wouldn't plan group work -- too chaotic feeling. http://tshbnd.com [url=http://bkupwmwdl.com]bkupwmwdl[/url] [link=http://qorycl.com]qorycl[/link]

Roger    08 Ekim 2015 20:46
Can they babysit the class while you go get your nails done? Or is that not the kind of help you're seiekng?Think of those times that you wish you had someone around to help out, and bring them in for those lessons. Group work seems like a great opportunity to have parents provide assistance.

Jay    08 Ekim 2015 11:03
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Miftahul    01 Ekim 2015 12:05
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Derek    23 Eylül 2015 07:58
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